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Clearer Skin Serum.04

Clearer Skin Serum.04



Don’t squeeze… instead, control pesky problems with SE.O4. This potent spot serum clears breakouts in no time, and is ideal for stressed, oily, and blemished skin. It has the ability to halt impurities, eliminate clogged pores, and remove excess skin build-up in problem areas.

  • Technologies
  • Lactic Acid (L) – exfoliating; reduces cellular build up 

    Witch Hazel – astringent; analgesic; anti-irritant 

    Retinol -– Vitamin A; regenerative; accelerates cell renewal

    Salicylic Acid – bactericide properties; anti-irritant abilities; drying/oil-reducing; clears impurities 

    Mushroom Extract – refines pores

    Yeast Extract – nutrients; amino acids

    Pyridoxine – (a.k.a. vitamin B6) necessary for the body’s ability to utilize nutritional energy, produce blood cells and maintain proper nerve function

    Niacinamide – anti-oxidant; anti-inflammatory; vasodilation; brightening; anti-acne; reparative

    Panthenol (D-) – (a.k.a. vitamin B6) conditioning  

    Biotin (D-) – (a.k.a. vitamin B7) helps strengthen the skin; plays a role in cell growth, fatty acid metabolism and amino acid production 

    Lemon & Grapefruit Oil – antiseptic; contains vitamin C 

    Totarol – antibacterial 

    Tea Tree Oil – antibacterial 

    Manuka oil – antibacterial 

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